For over 30 years, we have been building exhibition stands in Poland and across Europe.

Custom Exhibition Stands

The intense competition in the market and the growing importance of trade shows in the company’s marketing strategy make individually designed stands the most popular choice. With an original layout of the exhibition space and unconventional execution, the company is sure to stand out positively against the competition and attract potential clients. An individual form of an exhibition stand is not only an excellent business card for the company and a matter of prestige, but also provides greater convenience for stand users, unlimited design possibilities, and optimal use of exhibition space. The construction materials we use for such structures primarily include plasterboard, glass, plexiglass, metal, wood, and PVC.

Multi-Story Exhibition Stands

Multi-story exhibition stands primarily offer greater convenience for exhibitors and maximize the use of exhibition space. When implementing multi-story structures, we always pay special attention to the safety of using such space. We have many years of experience in this field,
both domestically and internationally. We possess a certified multi-story construction system.

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