Display Cabinets

Product display stands are modern functional forms designed for presenting a company’s products in retail spaces. Thoughtfully designed, they serve as one of the most effective means of conveying a company’s marketing message, for example, during trade shows. We have extensive experience in designing and producing display stands, pedestals, and showcases using materials such as glass, wood, and plastics. Lighting is also incorporated into our designs. We manufacture display stands based on projects provided by our clients or using solutions developed by our designers.


A showroom, in its concept, is a display room where we can get a closer look at a product or service of interest, and additionally, we have the opportunity to meet with experts in the field. It is predicted that showrooms will replace even traditional brick-and-mortar stores in the near future. Are you looking for a company that will arrange and create such a space? We invite you to collaborate! We have experience in both designing and implementing this type of interior.

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